About Color Genius

Color Genius!


★★★★★ – Five Star App

Use the iPhone’s camera to learn colors everywhere!

In this one-of-a-kind, kid-friendly app, your aim is to find colors in the world and learn their names in many languages!

Turns your iPhone/iPad into a miraculous color sensing device and a friendly tutor.

Choose a color, then go look for that color using the iPhones (or iPads) camera! once that color is found the app will automatically announce it in many languages!

The perfect game:

Entertains – Looking for colors is fun with cool animations, sound effects and music!

Exercises – Kids interact with the world, finding colors all over the place!

Teaches – Learn color names in many languages!

Amazes – Your kids learn colors faster with the app!

★ Several game levels (starting with two basic colors) guarantees stress free experience.

★ Multilingual – English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Chinese.

★ Colors are spoken by real human voices.

★ ‎Use proper lighting when playing to increase accuracy

★ Use inside your home, outside or in the car as a road game!

★ State-of-the-art hue matching (super accurate CIE2000 delta-e algorithm)

✔ EASY to use!

✔ For the iPhone & iPad & iPod in a single purchase!

✔ No reading skills necessary to play

‎✔ Toddler/kid-friendly interface

✔ Great playability

✔ Absolutely NO advertisements

✔ SAFE for kids

✔ Developed by paediatricians and neuroscientists.

✔ Privacy is sacred to us. No ads, no fuss.


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