We are Safe for Kids!

Hi again,

This is the Color Genius development team.

Many are (for a good reason) questioning the safety of apps for kids use. concerns being raised are child privacy, wallet protection and issues of good learning habits.

Answering these questions, we are proud to say ‘Color Genius!’ is super-safe:

1. NO APP TRACKING – most developers use services that track the use of their app, while most do it for learning purposes (e.g., to see just functions are most used), they may use third-party services which may use the information for dubios purposes which we don’t like. We use nothing. Once you’ve bought the app – we do not monitor its uses.

2. NO IN APP PURCHASES – our app is sold as is, no less and no more. Your kids will not be able to spend a month’s salary buying virtual zoo animals. No further purchase necessary means you know how much you’ve spent.

3. DEVELOPED UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION – our app was built with your little ones in mind. It was developed by a physician with the help of pediatricians and neuroscientists and education experts. Every detail of ‘Color Genius!’ human interface was kid oriented – from the balloon theme to the special ‘Back’ button which evades the little ones and requires to touches to work so they won’t accidentally press it.

Feel free to comment here with suggestions, ideas and what not or drop us a line at: colorappmail@gmail.com.

Happy color learning!

The Color Genius team.

Color Genius App Store Download

Color Genius

Color Genius


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